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Ringel Farms is a centennial family farm in the Kansas Flint Hills.  It is operated by Jonathan and Christina Ringel, both fifth generation farmers.  

With an interest in agriculture, we began our endeavors in our respective Kansas home towns.  As fate would have it, we met and decided to join our passion for agriculture and raise a family with our love and experiences of life being raised in and around agriculture.  

Agriculture production is directly related to the climate.  No matter how one attempts to circumvent the process, the climate controls outcome.  Livestock production is more forgiving of weather conditions than other aspects, such as hay production.  We manage our farm to be sustainable for us, our land, and our country.  The products we provide to you, our consumers, are raised non-gmo, with no added antibiotics or hormones.  Our animals are vaccinated against disease and we work closely with our veterinarian to ensure the best care.  However, we hardly ever have a problem!  This quality is then passed on to you, the informed shopper.

Providing products with quality and our own touch is a driving factor behind our operation.  We thououghly enjoy our jobs, and being able to aid others in their quest for a healthier life is quit an added bonus!

We are a diversified farm. Some of our products offered include:

The farm has grown since it's inception in both quality, quantity and enterprises.   In and out business enterprises are not a way to compete, prosper or prove sustainable for us.  We remain committed to each aspect of our farm we deal with, including the management practices of livestock, forages, range, and wildlife to name a few.   We produce quality products for the end user, either man or the animal.  

It is consumers like you that keep us and other small farms in operation, and gaining ground against the giants of corporate mass produced products.  We are commited to not only providing unmatched quality products, but to enviromental quality improvements.  We encourage all to do the same, as it will take a great movement to improve the enviromental quality of life, a single farm is only a start.  

We are greatly blessed to provide this quality food service to you and take our responsibility very seriously.

Thank you and God Bless your day.

Ringel Farms---Jonathan & Christina Ringel

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