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Grassfed beef, by definition, are allowed to eat only mothers milk and grasses (forages), plants that grow from the ground.  (our forages are also non-GMO) The grassfed beef is finished on just pasture grass and forages (hay), NO GRAIN. Additionally, our animals receive no added antibiotics or artificial growth hormones.  Our beef are actually raised on a grass pasture, not in a feedlot and fed like many "grassfed" beef. Our animals are supplemented with stockpiled forages in addition to the foraging capabilities as the need arises, usually the winter months.  Cattle can't graze snow!
Ringel Farms pork is raised similiar to our beef.  Pastured pork raised without any added antibiotics, added hormones, and is fed NON GMO feed.  Our hogs receive a non GMO grain ration in addition to alfafa and other baled grass hays.  When weather allows, (enviromental reasons) the pigs access pasture and forage to their liking.  They are raised outdoors with the ability to forage, root, and dig!   Shelter is available year round for their comfort!  Did you know "the other white meat" is actually red?


Our natural meats are healthier than most supermarket products in several ways.  (you can buy grassfed occassionally at the supermarket)  Here a few of many statistics.  

As you can see, there are several reasons for grass fed beef consumption and production.  Grassfed animals contribute to many benefits to mankind including  one's health and enviroment.

The quality of meats we consume is directly affected by what the animal consumes.  Confined animals are fed low doses of antibiotics for their health, thus altering the quality of product for the consumer.  Reassuring is the fact of knowing, when you purchase from us, the products you are receiving had a good life and ate quality feed. When cooked correctly, (slow and low) the mouthwatering tender and rich flavor of grass fed animals is mouthwatering.    Lets all eat good food that ate good food!

We maintain angus genetics which gives distinct quality attributes both for a consumer and producer.  Livestock are fed rations based on their physiological needs.  For example, cattle graze the native pastures during the grazing season and are moved to stubble fields allowing the pasture to recoup and provide another season.  During this time, baled forages (grasses and legumes) are used to supplement the nutritional needs of the animal. Never are our cattle fed grain!  To remain sustainable and profitable on our farm, laboratory analysis are used to determine quality of the feedstuffs used to insure animals are getting their necessary nutrients and to allow us to ward off a deficiency in the forage lands before it happens.  Fresh water and a high quality mineral supplement is available year round, free choice.

We are not organic producers, nor do we make that claim.  We do adhere to our strict standards of natural production, let the animal grow and produce as the creator intended.  Herbivores eat grass!  Our selection of cattle breeds and forage crops is of utmost consideration.  

Our meats may be stored up to 12 months or longer in a freezer kept at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Our beef is LEAN, TENDER, and SAVORY.  You'll notice the difference! All of our beef is fed high quality forages, finished on grass for the best Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio, and the CLA content.  

Thank you for visiting our site.  It is consumers like you that keep us and other small farms in operation, and gaining ground against the giants of corporate mass produced products.  

Thank you and God Bless your day.

Ringel Farms