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Pastured Pork

Our pork is fed non gmo grain and alfalfa hay while they are allowed to forage in an outdoor environment free of confining walls! Taste pork again for the first time, the way it was meant to be!

Ground Pork (Ringel Farms)

The pigs' equivalent to beef! Vacuum packaged in one pound packages.
1 pound | 1 pounds = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Bacon is cut from the fatty sides of a hog's belly. It is sliced and smoke cured with salt, brown sugar and water. Our uncured bacon (pork belly) is simply sliced and left untreated. It may also be available in unsliced slabs as a separate pork belly product.
1 package of smoked bacon | Approx 1 pound @ $9.00/pound = $9.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Chops (Ringel Farms)

These chops are great for the grill or stove in any form.
1 package of boneless pork chops | Approx 0.5 pound @ $7.00/pound = $3.50 + $0.10 Assembly
Loose Pork Sausage (Ringel Farms)

Our pork sausage comes in a number of different flavor and shape combinations. Any labeled "Country Original" are flavored with black pepper and sage. The mild version simply has less pepper and sage than the spicy version. We also have sweet italian, great for spaghetti. In addition to loose sausage, we offer patties, rope and links (brat size and breakfast size). Our kielbasa comes smoked and fresh, and we also have scrapple for you. Please order carefully so that you get what you want!
1 package loose sausage - mild Country Original | Approx 1 pound @ $7.25/pound = $7.25 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
1 medium pork sausage, has a bit more zest than the mild sausage | 1 pounds = $7.25 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Whole Pork Tenderloin (Ringel Farms)

This is the pork equivalent of a beef filet mignon. It is one of the most tender cuts of pork, but it has a mild flavor, so it's often cooked with a spice rub, marinade, stuffing or flavorful sauce. It should be lightly cooked to keep it juicy.
1 boneless pork loin | Approx 1 pound @ $8.50/pound = $8.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Ham Steaks (Ringel Farms)

Ham steaks are thick slices of ham cut from a whole or a half ham.
1 pkg of 2 ham steaks | Approx 1 pound @ $6.99/pound = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Ham Hocks (Ringel Farms)

Ham hocks are great in the crock pot with sauerkraut! They are the lower segment of the pig that corresponds to the ankle or calf region. Hocks are not fatty but can be made tender from all the collagen that breaks down during cooking.
1 smoked ham hock | Approx 3 pound @ $5.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.60 Assembly
Smoked Ham (Ringel Farms)

Our smoked hams are prepared as ready to eat! Just thaw and eat, if you wish. They are available as half a ham or as a smaller quantity, known as a roast.
1 smoked ham (half) | Approx 7 pound @ $6.99/pound = $48.93 + $1.40 Assembly
1 ham roast | Approx 2.5 pound @ $7.99/pound = $19.98 + $0.50 Assembly
Butterfly Pork Chops (Ringel Farms)

Boneless pork chops, cut extra thick and split down the middle to create a chop for stuffing. Cook stuffed, or cut apart and enjoy a boneless pork chop!
1 package | Approx 1 lb = $7.29 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Canadian Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Bacon made from the pork loin. Already cooked, this product is delicious! Either warm or eat directly from the package, depending on your preference. This is not the round slices found in stores, rather in it/s original shape.
1 package | Approx 1 lb @ $9.99/lb = $9.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Ozark Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Ozark bacon is a bacon cut from the shoulder of the hog. It is cured as bacon, sliced as bacon, looks like bacon, but is meatier. Taste is a cross between ham and bacon.
1 lb | Approx 1 lb @ $6.99/lb = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Ribs (Ringel Farms)

Choose either baby back ribs or spare ribs. Great for barbecues or just cooked in the crockpot or oven. The finger lick en good part of the pig!
1 package | Approx 2 pound @ $6.99/pound = $13.98 + $0.40 Assembly
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $7.99/pound = $7.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Cutlet (Ringel Farms)

Our cutlets are from the leg of the pig. They are very tender, packed with flavor and juicy. Cook them on low heat and enjoy the taste!
1 package | Approx 0.85 pound @ $6.99/pound = $5.94 + $0.17 Assembly