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Filet Mignon (Tenderloin) (Ringel Farms)

This cut is the most tender part of the beef, and highly sought after as the best cut available. It must not be over-cooked! If not cut into steaks, this is the Tenderloin Roast.
1 pkg of 2 filet mignon | Approx 0.5 pound @ $27.99/pound = $14.00 + $0.10 Assembly
Chuck Roasts (Ringel Farms)

A chuck roast is a thick cut of meat from the shoulder. It's an inexpensive cut, with a rich, delicious flavor that makes it a classic main dish for a big home-cooked meal. For tender, pull-apart meat, it should be slow cooked to allow time for the meat to soften and become juicy. Great in the crock pot with vegetables for outstanding flavor.
1 chuck roast | Approx 4 pound @ $7.99/pound = $31.96 + $0.80 Assembly Out of Stock
Sirloin Steaks (Ringel Farms)

This steak comes from the top hind quarter right beneath and above the Tenderloin. Very lean and flavorful, these are best grilled or broiled to medium rare.
1 sirloin steak | Approx 2 pound @ $14.99/pound = $29.98 + $0.40 Assembly
Ground Beef (Ringel Farms)

The meat in each ground beef package will come from one specific animal, unlike a grocery store ground beef package, which can contain meat from hundreds of animals. Ours is generally ____% lean and comes packed loose or in pre-made patties. _______DETAILS________
1 pound @ $6.99/pound = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Beef Liver (Ringel Farms)

100% grassfed beef liver is one of the most nutritious foods you can eat, but it's usually in short supply. It may be an acquired taste, but those who like it love it! It's great fried up with onions on the skillet.
1 package of beef liver | Approx 1 pound @ $4.99/pound = $4.99 + $0.30 Assembly
Pastured Chickens (Ringel Farms)

Our chickens are raised outdoors, and a moved daily to new grass. The ones you find in the supermarket are cooped up in a huge building with thousands of other birds with "access" to the outdoors, allowing them to be called "free range". Visit our farm and you'll love what you see. Visit their farms (as if you could) and you would be dismayed at the misrepresentation. Buy our chickens. You'll taste the difference and be healthier for it.
1 whole pastured chicken | Approx 4 pound @ $4.50/pound = $18.00 + $0.80 Assembly Out of Stock
1 whole pastured chicken - cut up | Approx 5 pound @ $5.50/pound = $27.50 + $0.04 Assembly Out of Stock
Free Range Eggs (Ringel Farms)

Our layers are free range. Their door is opened at dawn and closed at dark. In addition to the non-GMO grain we provide, they eat bugs, worms and anything else they can find as they scratch and pick through the grass. The result is eggs that delicious and nutritious. When you cook and eat these eggs, you'll know they didn't come from any grocery store.
1 dozen extra large eggs | 1 carton = $4.00 + $0.40 Assembly Out of Stock
1 dozen large eggs | 1 carton = $3.50 + $0.40 Assembly Out of Stock
Ground Pork (Ringel Farms)

The pigs' equivalent to beef! Vacuum packaged in one pound packages.
1 pound | 1 pounds = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Bacon is cut from the fatty sides of a hog's belly. It is sliced and smoke cured with salt, brown sugar and water. Our uncured bacon (pork belly) is simply sliced and left untreated. It may also be available in unsliced slabs as a separate pork belly product.
1 package of smoked bacon | Approx 1 pound @ $9.00/pound = $9.00 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Chops (Ringel Farms)

These chops are great for the grill or stove in any form.
1 package of boneless pork chops | Approx 0.5 pound @ $7.00/pound = $3.50 + $0.10 Assembly
Loose Pork Sausage (Ringel Farms)

Our pork sausage comes in a number of different flavor and shape combinations. Any labeled "Country Original" are flavored with black pepper and sage. The mild version simply has less pepper and sage than the spicy version. We also have sweet italian, great for spaghetti. In addition to loose sausage, we offer patties, rope and links (brat size and breakfast size). Our kielbasa comes smoked and fresh, and we also have scrapple for you. Please order carefully so that you get what you want!
1 package loose sausage - mild Country Original | Approx 1 pound @ $7.25/pound = $7.25 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
1 medium pork sausage, has a bit more zest than the mild sausage | 1 pounds = $7.25 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Sirloin Tip Steaks (Ringel Farms)

These come from the tip of the Sirloin. When grilled right, they're tender, juicy, takes on marinades extremely well, and have a robust beefy flavor that a lot of other cuts-for-kebabs lack.
1 package of sirloin tips | Approx 0.5 pound @ $9.99/pound = $5.00 + $0.10 Assembly
Rib Eye Steaks (Ringel Farms)

Rib Eye Steaks are sliced from a standing rib roast. It is a boneless cut. (When the bone is attached it is called a Rib Steak.) The excellent marbling in this cut makes it loaded with flavor and helps it remain tender during cooking. This steak is best grilled and will not disappoint!
1 rib eye steak | Approx 1 pound @ $17.50/pound = $17.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Stew Meat (1" Cubes) (Ringel Farms)

These are cubes of beef from our grass-fed steers. They are often used for stewing or braising or kabobs. Each package is about one pound. Order by the number of packages you would like.
1 package of stew meat | Approx 1 pound @ $6.99/pound = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Beef Heart (Ringel Farms)

Beef heart is nutritious, flavorful, surprisingly lean and inexpensive. Although a little chewy, it makes a very tasty stew.
1 beef heart | Approx 2.75 pound @ $2.99/pound = $8.22 + $0.55 Assembly
Oxtail (Beef Tail ) (Ringel Farms)

Oxtail is a bony, gelatin-rich meat, which is usually slow-cooked as a stew or braised. The taste is much like short ribs - only better!
1 beef tail | Approx 3 pound @ $4.99/pound = $14.97 + $0.60 Assembly
Marrow Bones (Ringel Farms)

Marrow bones are ideal for making your own broth. Marrow bones are bones with a minimal amount of muscle tissue left on them, if any. They are nutrient packed, and will provide 'pure' broth. Sold in packages containing several bones, weighing 3-6 pounds per package.
1 package of marrow bones | Approx 3 pound @ $4.89/pound = $14.67 + $0.60 Assembly
Brisket (Ringel Farms)

Beef brisket is from the breast section between the foreshank and plate. It contains of layers of fat and lean meat, but no bones. Often cured in salt brine to make corned beef brisket, it is usually prepared by braising or by cooking in liquid.
1 half brisket | Approx 1.75 pound @ $11.99/pound = $20.98 + $0.35 Assembly
K C Strip steak (Ringel Farms)

Juicy steak
1 K.C. Strip Steak | 0.75 pound @ $17.99/pound = $13.49 + $0.15 Assembly
Flank Steak (Ringel Farms)

This steak comes from the belly and is a thin steak. It is a long piece of meat on the outside of the flank that has more fat than a skirt steak. It also will have more flavor. Best marinated and cut across the grain. Great on the grill and for fajitas and stir fry.
1 flank steak | Approx 1.5 pound @ $8.99/pound = $13.49 + $0.30 Assembly
Skirt Steak (Ringel Farms)

The skirt steak is a long, flat cut from the plate of the beef. It is more flavorful than tender, so it needs to be marinated to encourage tenderness. Great for fajitas!
1 skirt steak | Approx 1.5 pound @ $9.99/pound = $14.99 + $0.30 Assembly Out of Stock
Chip or Minute Steaks (Ringel Farms)

These come from sirloin tip or top round. These are great for cheese steak sandwiches, subs, fajitas, and stir fry.
1 package of chip steaks | Approx 1.5 pound @ $6.79/pound = $10.19 + $0.30 Assembly
Cube Steaks (Ringel Farms)

These are from the bottom round or can also come from the plate. These steaks have been mechanically tenderized and cut into 1/2 inch thick portioned steaks. It is a quick pan-frying steak that also slow cooks well in a crock pot or braised in the oven.
1 package or cube steaks | Approx 0.5 pound @ $6.99/pound = $3.50 + $0.10 Assembly Out of Stock
Round Steak (Ringel Farms)

A round steak is a cut taken from the rear leg of the animal. It is commonly prepared with slow moist-heat methods to tenderize the meat and maintain moisture. It can also be sliced thin, then dried or smoked at low temperature to make jerky.
1 round steak | Approx 0.75 pound @ $8.99/pound = $6.74 + $0.15 Assembly Out of Stock
Arm Roasts (Ringel Farms)

This cut from the chuck is fantastic for pot roast! This is just a knife blade away from the shoulder roast, and the main difference between the two is that the arm roast has a round bone in it and is slightly more tender. You can use this for a pot roast, or cut it up for stew meat.
1 arm roast | Approx 2.5 pound @ $6.75/pound = $16.88 + $0.50 Assembly Out of Stock
Bottom Round or Rump Roasts (Ringel Farms)

These are from the hind quarter, cut from the sirloin end of the round . These are great for pot roast or sliced thin for hot roast beef sandwiches.
1 heel of round roast | Approx 4 pound @ $6.99/pound = $27.96 + $0.80 Assembly Out of Stock
Rump Roast (Ringel Farms)

A rump roast is a cut of beef from the bottom round, the rear leg of the animal. This roast is a great choice for oven roasting to be sliced thinly for sandwiches, or for braising to make a great pot roast.
1 rump roast | Approx 2.5 pound @ $6.75/pound = $16.88 + $0.50 Assembly Out of Stock
Beef Tongue (Ringel Farms)

Tongue needs to be braised for many hours, but the result is surprisingly tender and delicious!
1 beef tongue | Approx 2 pound @ $4.99/pound = $9.98 + $0.40 Assembly
Whole Pork Tenderloin (Ringel Farms)

This is the pork equivalent of a beef filet mignon. It is one of the most tender cuts of pork, but it has a mild flavor, so it's often cooked with a spice rub, marinade, stuffing or flavorful sauce. It should be lightly cooked to keep it juicy.
1 boneless pork loin | Approx 1 pound @ $8.50/pound = $8.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Ham Steaks (Ringel Farms)

Ham steaks are thick slices of ham cut from a whole or a half ham.
1 pkg of 2 ham steaks | Approx 1 pound @ $6.99/pound = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Ham Hocks (Ringel Farms)

Ham hocks are great in the crock pot with sauerkraut! They are the lower segment of the pig that corresponds to the ankle or calf region. Hocks are not fatty but can be made tender from all the collagen that breaks down during cooking.
1 smoked ham hock | Approx 3 pound @ $5.00/pound = $15.00 + $0.60 Assembly
Smoked Ham (Ringel Farms)

Our smoked hams are prepared as ready to eat! Just thaw and eat, if you wish. They are available as half a ham or as a smaller quantity, known as a roast.
1 smoked ham (half) | Approx 7 pound @ $6.99/pound = $48.93 + $1.40 Assembly
1 ham roast | Approx 2.5 pound @ $7.99/pound = $19.98 + $0.50 Assembly
Williams 82 variety conventional soybeans (Ringel Farms)

Williams 82 is a public variety that has withstood the test of time. An over 30 year old variety, properly managed, yields over 60 bushel per acre have been realized! A late group III indeterminate variety (RM 3.9) that averages 40” in height. It has white flowers, brown pubescence, tan pods and yellow seed with shiny luster and black hila. Williams 82 is resistant to bacterial pustule and Races 1-9, 10,13,14 and 15 of phytophthora root rot A
1 bag = $33.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 bulk tote | 1 tote = $825.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Snack Sticks (Ringel Farms)

Contains our Grass-fed Beef and Non-GMO pork of our own recipe to alleviate modern ingrediants such as MSG
1 package | 1 package = $8.39 + $0.09 Assembly
Summer Sausage beef and pork (Ringel Farms)

A further processed beef product like the snack sticks. Our own receipe that does not include the MSG ingredient. This selection contains our grass fed and finished beef with home raised NON GMO fed pork.
1 package | 1 package = $10.29 + $0.16 Assembly
Steak Box (Ringel Farms)

Contains 5 (five) Grass Fed Beef steak packages. Includes one package each: Ribeye, Filet, New York/KC Strip, Sirloin Tip, and Minute Steaks. Each package contains 2 steaks. (Other combinations are available, please call or email for correct pricing.) Price will vary slightly based on package weight. Guaranteed $10.00 off purchase through December 31st, 2017. The price listed already includes the discount.
1 box | 1 Box @ $61.60/Box = $61.60 + $0.00 Assembly
Snack Stick with Cheese (Ringel Farms)

The same recipe as the regular snack stick, but with cheddar cheese. (As we are neighbors, in Alma KS, Alma Creamery product is used in this formulation)
1 package | 1 package = $8.69 + $0.09 Assembly
Jalepeno Cheddar Snack Stick (Ringel Farms)

Our original recipe with jalepeno and cheddar cheese combined and added.
1 package | 1 package = $8.99 + $0.09 Assembly
100% BEEF SNACK (Ringel Farms)

This snack contains 100 % grass fed and finished beef combined with our receipe of spices, (no MSG, gluten, etc.) in the smoking process. For those whom want an ALL BEEF option in their snacks. Available as snack sticks or in a summer sausage roll.
1 .45 pound | 1 package = $9.69 + $0.09 Assembly
1 12 ounce package | 1 package = $11.95 + $0.15 Assembly
Stoddard Soybean (Ringel Farms)

A late group IV determinate variety (RM 4.9) that averages 28” in height. It has white flowers, tawny pubescence, tan pods and black hila seed. Stoddard has shown moderate resistance to races 1, 2, 3, 5 and 14 of soybean cyst nematode and has also exhibited moderate resistance to root knot nematode. It is moderately resistant to sudden death syndrome (SDS) and stem canker and is moderately susceptible to phytophthora root rot. Yields of Stoddard have been superior to Manokin by an average of 3-6 bu/ac on loam, clay and sandy soils in replicated testing.
1 bag = $33.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
1 bulk tote | 1 tote = $825.00 + $0.00 Assembly Out of Stock
Butterfly Pork Chops (Ringel Farms)

Boneless pork chops, cut extra thick and split down the middle to create a chop for stuffing. Cook stuffed, or cut apart and enjoy a boneless pork chop!
1 package | Approx 1 lb = $7.29 + $0.20 Assembly Out of Stock
Canadian Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Bacon made from the pork loin. Already cooked, this product is delicious! Either warm or eat directly from the package, depending on your preference. This is not the round slices found in stores, rather in it/s original shape.
1 package | Approx 1 lb @ $9.99/lb = $9.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Ozark Bacon (Ringel Farms)

Ozark bacon is a bacon cut from the shoulder of the hog. It is cured as bacon, sliced as bacon, looks like bacon, but is meatier. Taste is a cross between ham and bacon.
1 lb | Approx 1 lb @ $6.99/lb = $6.99 + $0.20 Assembly

We have added cheddar cheese curds to our already super popular all beef snack sticks. If you like cheese with your meat snack, then this is for you! As all our snack sticks, it is a hit at picnics and other gatherings for a healthy and delicious snack. Approximately 1/2 pound packages.
1 package | 0.4 pound = $10.69 + $0.08 Assembly
Chicken Breast (Ringel Farms)

Boneless, Skin-less chicken breast, OR bone in, with skin options Packaged two per package. Sold by the pound.
1 boneless package | Approx 1.25 pound @ $13.20/pound = $16.50 + $0.15 Assembly
1 Bone in breast | Approx 1.2 pound @ $10.45/pound = $12.54 + $0.15 Assembly
Chicken Legs (Ringel Farms)

Package of 4 chicken legs.
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $5.50/pound = $5.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Chicken Thighs (Ringel Farms)

Package of 4 thighs.
1 package | Approx 0.75 pound @ $6.00/pound = $4.50 + $0.20 Assembly
Chicken Wings (Ringel Farms)

Package of pastured chicken wings. Cook some up for the big game and impress your friends with the awesome taste and tenderness!
1 package | Approx 1.33 pound @ $5.00/pound = $6.65 + $0.20 Assembly
Chicken Gizzards (Ringel Farms)

Package of Gizzards
1 package | 1 pound @ $4.95/pound = $4.95 + $0.20 Assembly
Chicken Livers (Ringel Farms)

package of chicken livers
1 package | 0.75 pound @ $3.85/pound = $2.89 + $0.15 Assembly Out of Stock
ALL BEEF with cheddar cheese and Jalapeño (Ringel Farms)

Our own receipe consisting of our 100% grass fed and finished beef, our receipe of spices that does not include MSG, and assorted lab made preservatives, with the addition of cheddar cheese and jalapeño peppers.
1 package | 12 ounces = $14.00 + $0.15 Assembly
1 package | 0.45 pound = $10.89 + $0.10 Assembly
P S P (protein snack pack) (Ringel Farms)

Our P S P (protein snack pack) pack, is a double source of protein. It contains our famous all beef snack stick and a like amount of cheese curds. Available with three varieties of cheeses: white cheddar, yellow cheddar, or pepper jack cheese.
1 package yellow chedder | 4 ounces = $5.35 + $0.05 Assembly
1 package white cheddar | 4 ounces = $5.35 + $0.05 Assembly Out of Stock
1 package pepper jack cheese | 4 ounces = $5.35 + $0.05 Assembly
The Deluxe (Ringel Farms)

Our deluxe gift box is a great way to show someone how much you care! These boxes are available with three, four or five value added items. Give a healthy treat or treat yourself! This selection of gift box is customizable. Choose any 3, 4, or 5 products from our ready to eat section to your liking. Please indicate your choices in the comment field of the order form.
No Packages Defined!
Large 5 Piece Gift Box (Ringel Farms)

Contains two snack sticks, a protein snack pack (PSP), a beef summer sausage, and a beef jerky.
No Packages Defined!
Small 3 Piece Gift Box (Ringel Farms)

Contains a snack stick, a beef summer sausage, and protein snack pack.
1 Box = $25.00 + $0.60 Assembly
4 piece gift box (Ringel Farms)

Contains two snack sticks, a beef summer sausage, and a protein snack pack (PSP). OR 1 snack stick, 2 summer sausages (beef and beef, cheese, jalapeño), and a protein snack pack (PSP).
1 Box | 1 Box = $35.00 + $0.80 Assembly
Pork Ribs (Ringel Farms)

Choose either baby back ribs or spare ribs. Great for barbecues or just cooked in the crockpot or oven. The finger lick en good part of the pig!
1 package | Approx 2 pound @ $6.99/pound = $13.98 + $0.40 Assembly
1 package | Approx 1 pound @ $7.99/pound = $7.99 + $0.20 Assembly
Pork Cutlet (Ringel Farms)

Our cutlets are from the leg of the pig. They are very tender, packed with flavor and juicy. Cook them on low heat and enjoy the taste!
1 package | Approx 0.85 pound @ $6.99/pound = $5.94 + $0.17 Assembly
Soup Bones (Ringel Farms)

Soup bones are bones with muscle tissue still attached. Our soup bones generally come from the shank, and average as much bone as meat. They are superb in a soup, and the bone can be saved and further cooked to create your own beef broth. A two for one deal, if ever!
1 package | Approx 1.5 pound @ $5.65/pound = $8.48 + $0.30 Assembly
Fajita Meat (Ringel Farms)

Tender muscle pre cut into fajita size pieces. Ready for your favorite marinade or grill directly. Packed in 16 ounce packages.
1 pound = $8.95 + $0.20 Assembly