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This is the ordering website for Ringel Farms in Alma, KS.

Ringel Farms is a small family farm nestled in the Flint Hills that surround Alma, KS.  We are a centenial family farm, originally founded in 1903.  Our beef, of aberdeen angus origin, are grass fed and finished on native pasture, and various cultivated crops such as alfalfa, clover, sudangrass and brome hays in the non pasturable months.   In addition to our grassfed beef, we are excited to offer pastured poultry, pastured pork, and cage free fresh eggs.

Our meats are slaughtered at Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA) inspected facilities, therefore making them state inspected and approved!  

In contrast to industrial confinement meat production, our animals are given a healthy dose of fresh air, sunshine, and space in addition to no added hormones or antibiotics.   We feel that the best farm inspector is you, the consumer, so feel free to call and make an appointment to visit.

We are a traditional small farm, with quality at the top of our list. We value our heritage and are blessed to continue our enterprise on land that has had the same values for generations.  There is NOTHING you can find in the supermarket that can match the flavor and purity that nature builds into our food products.  Our fields are pristine, and our grazing system provides our animals with fresh forages through the season, and baled forages during the winter.  We strive to produce the best meats possible, with the best feed possible.  Non Gmo crops are produced in our system.  We have reason to be confident you will love our meats, and we look forward to building a long and healthy relationship with you.

Ringel farms is working farm.  Our primary focus is quality livestock and meat production.  However, fresh meat is not all that we do!  In the course of annual operations, many aspects of management are embraced, therefore allowing other products to come for sale, which can be found on this site. These are seasonal and occassional items.  Examples would include: baled feed crops, non-gmo crop seed production (we produce our own seed), breeding stock, used equipment (from changing an agricultural practice), produce from our large garden (farm pickup only), lumber and posts from our farm.  Please check out these product categories.  You might find just what you have been looking for!


Farm Pickup

You can order from our inventory at any time if you want to come to the farm to pickup your order.  Just place your order and we'll contact you to arrange a pickup time.

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Some orders can be shipped for your added convenience.  Please contact us either in the notes section of your order form,  phone or email with the address and we will get your product to you!

Neighborhood Delivery

We attend the Downtown Topeka Farmers Market every Saturday.  We can bring your order with us for your pickup.

Additionally, Grandpa Rich's Pork carries our Grass Fed Beef.  You can stop in Tuesday through Saturday during normal business hours and purchase you favorite cut of Grass Fed Beef.  Note: not a delivery location.

Product Availability

To see the products we have available at this moment, simply click on any product categories to the left.  Quantities are limited to what you see.  As orders are placed, the quantities go down instantly.  We update the inventory as new foods become available.

There is no minimum order size.  You can order anything you see listed.

Naturally, our inventory is changing all the time, and our supply of certain cuts is limited by nature's design of animals.  We need to market all the parts, and everything we sell has healthy and tasty applications.  It's all in knowing what to do with them.  We can help you with that, if you have questions. Should you be in need of a certain cut, feel free to contact us via email and we will try to get what you are seeking.

Note that many products are priced by weight, so the exact pricing will not be known until we select the actual items that will fulfill your order.  However, the shopping cart will show the approximate total cost for each item.  When the order is placed, you will receive an immediate confirmation email with a copy of your order, including the approximate pricing.  Our pricing will fluctuate on occassion, due to the regional pricing of market demand.  However, we remain committed to our goal of providing a high quality and healthier meat choice at a fair price. 

WE NOW ACCEPT CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS!!!                                                                                          (convienience fee applies)


We Appreciate Your Business

We work hard to provide healthy, wholesome products to our customers in the region.  You won't find meat products like ours in your local supermarket.  Their meats are from an industrial farming system that abuses the environment, the animals, and ultimately, your health.  Our meats are raised in a way that's environmentally sustainable, truly humane, and naturally healthy. Eat good food that ate good food!

Please order from us in the knowledge that you are doing the right thing for your family, your region, and our small business.  Let's build a better future together.

We thank you for your support.

Jonathan and Christina

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